B.R.Dickson Equipment can save you money.

Exmark Mower and Equipment Productivity Charts

In the long run, your Exmark may turn out to be the least expensive mower you'll ever own.

The purchase price of a new mower is not what it will ultimately cost over its useful life. That's why, as a landscape professional, it's important to remember that the investment you make in a new mower doesn't impact your bottom line nearly as much as other operational costs. That means, in the long run, Exmark's legendary durability, high performance and low maintenance will save you both time and money. Factor in reduced downtime, overall operating costs and resale value, and Exmark equipment starts to look like a very wise business decision.

Exmark equipment can also help build your business in less tangible ways, like helping retain your best customers. And, letting you concentrate on customer service and sales instead of mower repair bills.

This is another major reason why Exmark is the leading mower brand among landscape professionals.

Build Your Bottom Line

Exmark equipment mower can increase your profits by:

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Reduced downtime losses

  • Lowered repair costs

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Higher resale value

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