Exmark Accessories Must Haves.

5 Great Accessories for your Exmark Mower.

An Exmark mower may be the most efficient and durable piece of equipment in your landscaping stable, but there are ways to take your favorite commercial mower even further. Increase its flexibility and power when you’re out on a difficult mowing job by adding at least one or two of these five top Exmark accessories.

Operator Control Discharge

Trying to cover a specific area in grass clippings for mulch or saving time by keeping clippings off of paved pathways? The operator control discharge unit allows you to point the discharge chute anywhere you like, reducing the mess you’re left raking and blowing away after you’re finished with mowing.

Trash Container Kit

Many landscapers lose a lot of labor time on preparing lawns, parking lot medians, and other high traffic areas for mowing due to the time-consuming trash clearing process. Mounting a separate trash container on your Exmark mower allows you to use any grabber you like to grab drink cans, receipts, and other bits of debris on the go instead of before you climb on the mower.

UltraVac Bagger Collection System

Some clients just aren’t happy with grass clippings and leaf mulch, no matter how many times you explain the benefits of letting these materials break down naturally. When you’re working for a client who demands an entirely spotless stretch of turf, rely on the strength of the UltraVac bagger system. The powerful vacuum catches even the smallest scraps of chopped up debris, resulting in a well-kept lawn with no need to rake or vacuum later.

Turf Striper Kit

It only takes an affordable turf striper kit from Exmark to start landing those lucrative sports field and decorative mowing contracts. While striped turf may have originated with baseball fields, now it’s the most highly demanded form of patterned mowing. This kit takes the hard work out of laying out a striping pattern because the kit creates the cross-cutting pattern for you. Mow and lay stripes in a single step to get these jobs done in half the time with the same crisp and highly visible results.

12-Volt Adapter

Finally, don’t forget about a source of power you can carry along to the most remote areas of a job site. Landscapers often discover small problems that are most easily solved with electric hedge clippers, leaf blowers, or other lightweight tools. Installing a 12-volt adapter on your Exmark mower turns it into a traveling power source.

Now is the perfect time to invest in an Exmark mower and all of the compatible accessories. We’re offering a 0% financing deal here at Commercial Lawn Equipment to help landscapers expand their businesses before the spring rush begins again. Drop by or give us a call at 615-242-0200 to discuss all of your landscaping equipment needs.